October 3, 2017


The areas of intervention of SoftMining are:

Computational toxicology

SoftMining can predict for a large group of molecules the ADMET properties (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity) starting with the characteristics of a molecule.

Drug Design

SoftMining algorithms allow the design quality of new drugs that have no precedent. The proponent group has recently achieved remarkable results in designing new ones antitumor and new antibiotics.

Data mining and process optimization

SoftMining uses a wide range of mathematical-statistics techniques, some of which recently developed to solve any need for production. Data mining is the process of extracting information from a large data set, using algorithms and techniques ranging from statistics to the Machine Learning. Process optimization means optimizing industrial processes.

Gaming and promotion

SoftMining is developing a new, fun-able, video game, to assist scientific research and having a profound social value.