October 4, 2017


SoftMining offers a broad range of computationally aided drug discovery services to support your research along the drug design and development pipeline. We have gained wide experience over the last years and we are constantly developing new technology to meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

We can offer you, and we can use for you, our latest products such as Yada and Flocking for drug design, PrepComp and ProtComp for data mining. Or Grimd, to increase your computer power or as pipeline manager. The videogame LandMeIn permits you to reach a vast audience and to exploit a unique channel for advertising.

By combining our technologies with a team of highly skilled, experienced scientists, we can assure the highest quality of our services. SoftMining can help your company and your research to find compounds quickly and efficiently adapting projects to your needs.

We look forward to doing great work with you.