October 29, 2018


Methods for drug design

We developed new methods and re-elaborate old ideas in the framework of artificial intelligence. Taken together, the following methods provide a comprehensive platform for computational assisted drug design.

Artificial intelligence and data mining

Artificial Neural networks and modern computers offer unprecedented possibilities to assist traditional processes

In silico¬†toxicity and beyond…

At SoftMining, AI finds application in many other fields. We are developing an in silico toxicity platform, and even a videogame and a semantic search engine.

SoftMining tools for drug discovery – part 1

SoftMining AI platform for drug discovery consists of 10 tools capable to fulfil the needs of medicinal chemists.

AmpNN – Deep learning method for peptide design

AmpNN is an AI tool for AMP prediction. The tool has various modules, from activity prediction and potential AMP generation to patentability evaluation.