Welcome to the beta version of SySA

SySA is an experimental tool that:

  • allows end user to create datasets of generic objects;
  • execute fast alignment free analisys on their datasets, thanks to jobs distribution on the Softmining Unified Platform;
  • Generate distance matrix that allow end user to clusterize or artitioning the objects containted in the dataset.

What this version does

The current version can process:

  • UTF8 plain-text file (Max 20MB);
  • Standard PDF files (Max 20MB).

The text of the pdf files is extracted directly from SySA. It is not necessary to convert the pdf files before uploading them.

Also, it is possible to load ZIP file: SySA will extract it in automatic way.

How to start using SySA

In order to use SySA you need an account that you have to request from SoftMining. With the account you will have assigned a calculation fee to analyze your data.

How to visualize the results

To display the distance matrix in graph form, you need an external program. We use MegaX, https://www.megasoftware.net/, which is fast and free.

If you need to process file > 20MB please write your need in mail.

Please, contact info@softmining.it in order to signup.