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SoftMining wants to change the way to do pharmaceutical research, by using sophisticated computational techniques. Over the last decade our group has developed new methods for designing medicines and to check their potential toxicity without the use of animal models. The results are extraordinary from a scientific, social point of view (because it greatly reduces animal experimentation) and cheap, due to the high market value for new drugs.

Drug design

We have developed several technologies specialized for designing small molecules. The input for these technologies depends on the information available: known active ligands or receptor conformation structures.

Computational toxicology

Prediction of ADME/Tox (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicology) properties of your small molecules of interest.

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Data mining and process optimization

We apply comparative modeling to build three-dimensional protein structures in the desired conformation. Many protein structures haven’t been resolved, and even when they have, they may not be available in the desired conformation (related to protein activity or type of bound ligand).

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Gaming and promotion

LandMeIn is new concept video game that extends the capabilities of a computer to solve pharmaceutical problems by exploiting human abilities to solve problems heuristically.

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meet us

Stefano Piotto

Bioinformatician and entrepreneur. He got a Master in Chemistry at Univ. Rome, and PhD in Materials Science at ETH Zurich. He is Ass. Prof. at Univ. Salerno, and he is the CEO and cofounder of a successful startup SmartVase Srl, active on biomaterials.

Lucia Sessa

in silico Drug Design
Lucia received a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science in 2014 from the Univ. of Salerno. She worked at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). She is an expert in drug design and she is co-founder of SmartVase Srl.

Luigi Di Biasi

Code development
Luigi is a computer scientist skilled in code development for biology problems. He developed methods to treat with large dataset, and with distributed computing. He studied in Univ. Salerno, and he is also cofounder of Arrowsoft srl.

Fabrizio Merola

Business consultant
Business and financial consultant. Accountant’s office in Luxemburg. Co-founder of several start-ups.

Digital Magics

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