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SoftMining is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered drug discovery company focusing on designing new molecules and materials for therapeutics.

SoftMining mission is to in silico generate new molecules with desired properties to address unmet medical needs.


The methods, models and algorithms developed during more than 15 years of university scientific research have been integrated into a complete development platform. The results achieved are remarkable: 2 new antibiotics have been designed, 4 patents applications have been filed, a new biodegradable material for PVC replacement has been discovered, two molecules with antitumor activity have entered into clinical trials (Phase II), and a new technique of chemical synthesis on solid support has been developed.

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Platform for drug discovery
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Our Science

We have developed new theoretical models for semantic analysis of general applicability and new investigation techniques. These methods have made it possible to clarify the mechanism of action and to participate in the development of 3 antitumor molecules on clinical trials. In addition, two new molecules with antimicrobial activity have been developed and tested. These are two lead compounds for which tests on animal models and optimization have started.

Our Team


"Softmining has done an excellent work studying the physical-chemical parameters of the compound SJT4A, to its molecular targets both in precise predictive in silico models and with Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). The studies were carried out quickly and efficiently, as well as the technical reports, which were delivered with admirable speed."


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