Advanced materials

block copolymers assembly in confined space

Nanotechnology is the ability to work at the molecular and supramolecular levels to create and use devices, structures and systems with the desired properties and functions. This is what Nature already does in living systems.

Confined systems offer several advantages over systems without any spatial restriction. Since the conformational motions are highly reduced, the folding and the self-assembly occur much faster. Consequently, since the systems reach equilibrium within microseconds, small systems become accessible to molecular dynamics investigations, and larger systems (up to 10 µm) can be treated with DDFT. Simulating polymer aggregates in detail discloses the opportunity to design and produce novel nanomaterials. Once the lesson of Nature is, even roughly, understood the possibility to control folding, it can be applied to any polymers better suited for modern applications, from optics to electronics, from lubricants to smart delivery systems.

Our work on metamaterials began about ten years ago in academia. Thanks to advances in our technologies and investigative methods using AI, it is possible to take a firm step toward the de novo design of new metamaterials.

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